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Apricotton bras are specially designed to grow as girls grow throughout puberty, helping girls feel confident during this sensitive life stage and fundamentally changing the way they wear bras forever. Our super soft bras adapt to growing bodies and weight changes with a stretchy band, removable padding, and an innovative adjustable back strap so girls can wear the same bra as they increase from a AA-cup to a D-cup, normalizing body changes to promote body positivity.

Our Green Commitment

Apricotton designs bras that last from when girls are 8 to 20+ years old, meaning girls can wear the same bra throughout puberty instead of throwing it out every time they grow. They are also designed with timeless shapes and colours so you’ll never be out of trend! We order our bras in small quantities, so we can produce only what we need and eliminate excess waste. All of our packaging is recyclable and our bras are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they were tested to keep you safe from toxins.

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