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Fresh City delivers farm fresh, local and organic groceries right to your door, all year round. We farm right in the city, work with local, organic and fair trade suppliers, and use minimal packaging. Sign up now for a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of a produce bag (veggie only, fruit only, or veggie & fruit bags available) or recipe bag. Our convenient recipe bags include everything you need to make two healthy weeknight meals for two people. Your purchase supports local farmers - true green entrepreneurs committed to reforming our food system.

Our Green Commitment

We grow organically at our two urban farms and source local, organic, sustainable and fair trade products. Our member farmer program has launched dozens of food entrepreneurs, activists and farmers over the last 8 growing seasons. The environmental impacts from this are innumerable: greening our city, reducing water runoff, reducing global warming, educating and reconnecting city folk with real food, supporting organic and local agriculture.

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