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HOPE Pet Food is closing the gap between sustainable pet food and nutritious pet food. Our all-woman team of accredited scientists, pet nutritionists, environmentalists, and pet-lovers have created a unique formula using insect protein as an alternative to livestock or fish protein. Our treats are made with Canadian insects and all-natural ingredients, making a nutritious and eco-friendly and drool-worthy alternative that your dog can wag about!

Our Green Commitment

HOPE uses insect protein as a hypoallergenic alternative to livestock or fish protein. This novel protein alternative reduces GHG emissions by 70%, water use by 90%, and land use by 90% when compared to livestock or fish farming practices. Our Canadian fly farms offer a zero-waste system that helps to reduce food waste and produces bacteria-free fertilizer. HOPE addresses 5 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals with our Berry Buglicious dog treats, with more to come!

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