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Innova Roofing works to maintain a high standard service by encouraging an honest relationship with our clients. When we do a job, we ensure that the client knows about our mission statement and our products. We provide our clients with honest solutions and honest rates, all while using the best eco-friendly products in the market. We take great responsibility for our work. With that being said, Innova Roofing does not subcontract any work to other companies. Innova Roofing takes responsibility for their work from the time of estimate to the completion of any project.

Our Green Commitment

Innova Roofing is responding to climate change by promoting green living! Most roofing materials in the generic market are made up of components that are hazardous to the environment. Innova Roofing is looking to revolutionize the construction market by using ecofriendly products. This will ensure cleaner air and stabilized energy costs. The future is looking green, the future is Innova!

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