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Jacy Fragrances Scented Candles (JF)


Jacy Fragrances Scented Candles (JF)

JF scented candles, is a locally hand-poured scented energy candle company located at the heart of Toronto. Our candles are created using natural soybean vegetable wax infused with premium aromatherapy oils designed to induce different feelings and emotions. In addition to the unique nature of our brand, we have a variety of stones with many unique benefits, carefully selected to compliment the sweet-smelling throw of our scented candles.

Our Green Commitment

In support of protecting our environment "green", JF candles are created using 100% Soy beans which are biodegradable, renewable resource, non-toxic and water soluble. Our candles are environmental friendly that burns at a cooler temperature which results in a cleaner, longer lasting and green friendly burn. In addition, our Eco wicks are 100% cotton, and interwoven with treated paper filaments, which reduces afterglow. They are primed with vegetable wax which creates a clean & safe environmental burn.

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