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Jewel Envy

Jewel Envy is a locally owned studio where all of the jewellery is made by onsite goldsmiths each running their own business and creating work under their own label but sharing equipment. We also teach classes evenings and weekends and focus on best practices for safety in the studio and reduction of waste in the creation and use of jewellery. We do not create for trends, we create jewellery to last that tells a story.

Our Green Commitment

We specialize in up-cylcing jewellery by reusing precious metals and gemstones to turn what was old and abandoned into new and adored. In addition to creating new work we do inventive repairs and restorations for loved jewellery that no longer functions so that it does not become waste. We use environmentally friendly practices and reuse everything including dust from the making process to broken saw blades to create pattern and texture in new pieces.

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