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Minus H2O is an ever-expanding line of super concentrated products, which include a multi-purpose cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner, a window / glass cleaner, and more to come in the near future. The company was founded for the purpose of addressing significant environmental issues relating to carbon emissions, climate change, and plastic pollution in consumer packaged goods, however, there are several spin-off effects which are of value to consumers, and businesses alike, including significant cost savings. In terms of pricing, we are presently offering our 250 ml bottle for $19.99 and our 1 L bottle for $59.99. For price comparison purposes, a 250 ml bottle of Minus H2O makes 33 one litre bottles of cleaner, and a 1 L bottle of Minus H2O makes 133 one litre bottles of cleaner. At an average retail price of $4.00 per bottle of cleaner, the bottles of Minus H2O are the equivalent of $132.00, and $532.00 worth of cleaning products, so not only is Minus H2O good for the environment, but it is great for your wallet! Minus H2O's concentrated cleaning solution is non toxic and safe for you and your loved ones. It features a fresh lemon scent and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as desks, countertops, toilets, and floors. The cleaners are easy to use. Just pour the recommended capfuls of Minus H2O and water into any bottle or spray bottle and shake for a few seconds until the solution and water are fully mixed. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Our Green Commitment

At Minus H2O, our mission is to significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions associated with our products, including: manufacturing, shipping, and usage. We created a concentrated multi-purpose cleaning solution to keep plastic waste out of landfills, reduce plastic waste in our packaging and use less energy during manufacturing. Your purchase of any Minus H2O product helps because we donate 10 cents from every bottle sold to local charities committed to environmental conservation.

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