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Pigalle Lingerie

Designed by a Woman, Pigalle is redefining Luxury by taking the ‘sexy’ of traditional lingerie with a modern twist. Each piece is ethically made in Canada with Sustainable European green fabrics. Luxury quality can felt and seen in our designs. A tribute to the Pigalle woman: she is strong, sensual, aware of her power and driven by her dreams. A story of beautiful women.

Our Green Commitment

Our chosen fabrics are sustainable and luxurious. Our pieces features 100% green textiles from the latest yarn production innovations. Stretch lace is produced with GRS certified sustainable yarn part of the ROICA Eco-Smart Family. It is the latest new standard in sustainable fashion worldwide. This technology delivers quality, comfort and beauty. Pigalle is dedicated in the search of the best sustainable fabrics and materials and being transparent about our choices. Every component is OEKO-TEX certified. What does it mean? It’s a big of umbrella of things, but we are making sure what goes against your skin is free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

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