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Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is among the world's leading museums of natural history and world cultures. The ROM's mission is to engage the public in exploration of cultural change and to serve as an advocate for science in the study of nature. Our programs range from student education courses to public debates, lectures, films, tours, publications, travel and family activities. The museum aims to host and produce programs of intellectual depth and social relevance, including unique ROM exhibitions.

Our Green Commitment

The ROM continues to be a leading resource for understanding and conserving our natural world. We are committed to raising awareness of the significant challenges facing the conservation, diversity and survival of life on earth, and working with our partners and the public to find ways to make a difference. Through exhibits such as the Shad Gallery of Biodiversity and Wildlife Photographer of the Year and partnerships and initiatives such as Earth Rangers, Forests Ontario, Ontario Bio Blitz and Trees for Toronto, the ROM challenges you to live sustainably with nature.

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