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Quality is not a compromise, Wick-Ed Homemade is a one stop shop for the whole family and their home, to bring and keep quality product which is perfect for the whole home. Candles, Body Butter, Reed Diffusers, Hand-soap, Shower Gel, Rock Steamers etc our home based business ensures that you and your family have the best and the most luxurious experience ever!!! Our products make the most thoughtful gifts professional or personal! The way you like it, and the way you want it. We can personalize and customize anything!!

Our Green Commitment

Our Earth is our home and with all due respect each and every product we make is local and gentle to the earth. I call it an extension to our products where everything can is used and reused again and again, cause we love mama earth ???? even our labels are organic the products can be customized and personalized the way u want and yet keep the beauty and the integrity of the earth intact! We mean it it’s organic and natural all the way! Cause we love our earth and we love you ????

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